Saudi Arabia: Shura Council Approves Anti-harassment Bill

(June 14, 2018) The 150-member Saudi Parliament in its 40th ordinary session of May 28, 2018, approved a new anti-harassment law by an 84-vote majority. (Royal Decree No. 96/M of May 31, 2018, government weekly newspaper Umm al-Qura website (in Arabic); Shura Holds Its 40th Ordinary Session, SAUDI PRESS AGENCY (May 28, 2018); Habib Toumi, Saudi Shura Approves Anti-harassment Draft Law, GULF NEWS (May 29, 2018).) The new law aims to combat the crime of harassment, punish the perpetrators, and protect the victims in order to preserve their privacy, dignity, and personal freedom, as guaranteed by Islamic law. (Toumi, supra.)

Provisions of the Law

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